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Sketches and speedpaintings

When creating commissioned art, sketches and speedpaintings are a great tool to communicate ideas. A rough or sketch clarifies if we are on the right track. Art directions may change because, seeing his/her ideas visualised, a client may make different decisions.
You want to get a clear impression of the final result, which is why my sketches leave little room for guessing. Sometimes colour or type is part of the design as a whole so I might incorporate it in the sketch. These examples were all for commissioned artwork (some renderings are elsewhere on this website), except the model drawings. Drawing from life is an exercise in understanding and sketching the human form. Finally, some examples are animations that give you an idea of the process involved. Enjoy them all!

birdseye view agora athens greece classical tomboy girl sketch evolution drawing artwork illustration boar hunt sketch medieval illustration Artwork castle medieval sketch Artwork fantasy elf goblins rider fantasy fire dragons illustration art drawing campfire sketch art illustration fantasy sword girl elf mage art drawing life drawing model art sketch rough artwork illustration
figure life model drawing art Artwork figure life model drawing artwork illustration art figure life model drawing Artwork fantasy necromancer art illustration sketch Artwork submarine sketch art illustration Artwork vitruvian leonardo da vinci tree illustration artwork triceratops dinosaur sketch game artwork art illustration under water ruins atlantis art illustration Artwork fantasy female warrior xena amazon sketch drawing art illustration
ruin fantasy pterosaur speedpainting sketch drawing artwork illustration fantasy city jungle birdseye view speedpainting drawing artwork illustration human roots carnivorous plant speedpainting sketch drawing artwork illustration human flower fantasy sketch carnivorous plant drawing artwork illustration human dinosaurs dinos sketch drawing artwork illustration dragon head fantasy drawing artwork illustration wizard magician conjurer speedpainting fantasy drawing artwork illustration reptile human sketch fantasy drawing artwork illustration
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