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wim holding a piece of one of his dino-puzzlesThank you for visiting my art and illustration galleries. I am an experienced illustrator who has worked on a wide range of projects, such as young adult’s and children's literature, educational publications, info panels and board games.  I currently live in Utrecht, The Netherlands. I started freelancing in 1991 and have loved every second of it. My work has been featured in books, advertisements, corporate communications, product design, newspapers and magazines, in museums and online. The images on this website were commissioned by a wide variety of clients. Communicating and collaborating with people is something I highly like in this profession.
I take direction well and also enjoy putting my ideas across.
You may get a sense of what I am like to work with by visiting my references section, where you'll find quotes from various professionals I've worked with. And finally, if you have a project in mind which you'd like to consider me for, visit my 'contact' page.
Let's make your vision a reality.
Enjoy your visit, I love my work and hope you will like it too!

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