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wisent bison buffalo animal art Illustration

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Annuals etc.
Artwork has appeared in these exhibits/complilations:
Dutch Illustration 1 BIS1991 Stedelijk museum Amsterdam
Illustrator 1 NIC1992 Amsterdam
Illustrator 2 NIC1994 Amsterdam
Illustratie '96 NIC1996 Amsterdam
Illustratie '97 NIC1997 Amsterdam
Annual '97 Bologna Illustrators of Children's Books Non Fiction
Illustratie 2000 BNO CD-ROM Amsterdam
BNO annual 2001

My interests include art, design, art-teaching, traveling, history, salsa music and dancing, jazz, guitarplaying, creating music on the mac (Garageband/Logic), life model drawing, movies, running, videogaming.
I designed this and other websites:
www.aviationart.nl / www.hubeadvies.nl

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Dutch-illustration / Interview on www.dutch-illustration.com
Interview in M3 (pdf in Dutch)
Art & Design College
Atelier STOK

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