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birdeye cutaway exploded ghosted view

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Birdseye, cutaway and other views

I love creating bird's eye views (or overhead / helicopter views) and cutaway views. As with exploded views and ghosted views, they provide an amount of information that no text ever could. Using documentation, imagination, exaggeration and filtering out unwanted details, such views can – for example – explain the lay-out of a building, territory or object in an attractive way and provide any extra info you like.
They can be great fun (see image #5, created for a U.S. based publisher).
Some examples here were commissioned by the Museum van Oudheden - Leiden, the Dutch Railway Museum and leading publishers.

Dorestad bird's eye view artist impression midieval town railway station bird's eye view cutout cut-out exploded ghosted artwork 18th century manor house garden illustration Artwork 19th century industrial age revolution Artwork city maze bird's eye view fire ancient greek akropolis birds-eye view illustration art drawing nile delta irrigation flooding egypt art illustration spanish army city siege habsburg alva dutch netherlands art drawing city centre center Dutch Holland birdseye view illustration
prehistoric farmers settlement village illustration Artwork digging machines workers workmen sewage illustration art roman fortress castellum castra bird's eye view illustration Artwork prehistoric farmers settlement Artwork roman romans house villa pompe‘ shop cutaway view illustration Artwork medieval mediaeval city bird eye bird's eye view ancient greece olympia olympic games art illustration reindeer hunters tundra prehistoric prehistory illustration Artwork early medieval village art illustration
medieval village agriculture top bird's eye view settlement of hunters and farmers prehistory art Artwork 17th century ship east indies company illustration Artwork ww2 second world war 1940-1945 occupation holland art illustration Artwork mercury rainforest jungle contamination toxic waist goldmining Mindmap map 3D illustration Art artwork zoo anmimals map birdeye game art illustration neighbours backyard game art illustration native american indian west coast totempole art illustration
cutout cut-out monastery church medieval illustration Artwork old pirates map treasuremap illustration Artwork 17th century Holland dutch east indies company golden age Haithabu house cutaway view artist impression viking midieval town
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